Elder Brandon James Parham
Mozambique Maputo Mission
Rua Tenente General Oswaldo Tazama nr. 1429
Bairro Costa do sol, Maputo-Mozambique

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 12th 2013

Hello family and friends!
Well, this week was kind of crazy. On Monday I came to Maputo because of transfers and helping new missionaries. I found out my transfer today. My next area is Matola 2A! My new companion is going to be Elder Hall. I have seen him before, but he wont come till tonight. For the first part of this week, I helped the office elders with work. New missionaries arrived throughout the week. A lot came. There is around 20 new missionaries here! Holy Cow! Anyways, I helped pick people up at the airport and helped get some things done in the office (temporary office elder). No, I did not drive. I don't have my license. The only people that get to drive are the APs and the Office Elders. One big surprise this week was seeing a buddy from the MTC arrive. His visa got delayed so he got transferred to Texas, Houston for a transfer. Funny thing is, is that his last name is Houston. Haha. Well, it was very fun seeing so many new missionaries arrive. On Thursday night, I went to my new area. President Kretly told some people before hand about where they are going so that they can go to their areas fast. I was temporary companions with a cape verdian. Elder Brandao. He is pretty awesome, except, he spake no English. So, I had to speak bad Portuguese with him. It was a fun experience. Well, this week, I did get some contacts in, but the main focus this week was helping the new missionaries. This is the most that ever arrived on a transfer. So that's pretty crazy. I am excited for my new area and my new companion. I already miss my first companion. Hope everyone is alright.
Love - Elder Parham

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