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Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15th 2013 cont. (to Amber)

.... Well, yup, I am in Africa! It is still setting in. Well my flight to Africa, like you heard was pretty crazy. I did not get a picture in the ambulance...my bad. Anyways, my first area is Manga 2A. It is really great. My companion is Elder Robinson. He is from Eugene, Oregon. He is a hard worker and really nice. 
Well, I have been here for two weeks. It has been great! The best time of my life. I love seeing investigators progress and grow. I am still really bad at portuguese, but i am starting to understand the people a little better. The people here dont just speak Portuguese, they also speak dialects. The main dialect in Manga is Masena. Instead of Tudu Bom, in masena it is Mudi bom. The rest, I dont really understand. 
Yeah, its pretty crazy. The way of travel around here is Chapas, chapellas, and balleas (spelled the last one wrong). Chapas are cheap. they are large vans, where they fit as many people as possible in them. Most of the time, I am in weird positions, so that everyone can fit. Its not that comfy, unless you sit in the back. People stand, sit and even hang out the window. Chapellas are a little more expensive. They are small and usually its more of a two person travel. It is really fun to ride. Balleas is pretty much hitch-hiking. You just ask random people driving by for rides, usually they are free. 

my first grocery shopping adventure:

Our area is pretty big. The place we are staying at is really nice. Well, thats about it. 
Besides the lot of car accidents this week, its great. oh  yeah, it is a lot of one long road kind of deal here. So, when there are accidents (people suck at driving here, plus they have the driver on the right side) it gets really loud because everyone honks (mainly for no purpose). Pedestrians have to fend for themselves here. They dont stop for pedestrians crossing the road. It is like the frogger game. Well, thats about it for this week. I will send more pics next week.
From - Elder Parham

Cockroach I killed last week:

 And half my kitchen:

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