Elder Brandon James Parham
Mozambique Maputo Mission
Rua Tenente General Oswaldo Tazama nr. 1429
Bairro Costa do sol, Maputo-Mozambique

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 8th 2013

Hey Family and Friends!
Well, my first week in my first area has been great! My area is Manga 2 and my companion is Elder Robinson. My companion is awesome and he is also from Oregon. So we got a picture of the Portland Temple on our wall. My area is great! The people are so humble and they are willing to listen. My companion and I have a goal of 4 families baptized this transfer. That is a pretty big goal, but we know that we can make it. The main problem for getting people baptized here is marriage. The people here want to follow African tradition. It is really expensive too. Anyways, this week has been great, I havent really spoke that much in lessons, but I have been trying my best. I really want to talk to people, but my portuguese is really bad. I am working really hard to get the language down. For my pday today, I got to play some basketball with two random people. It was pretty fun. The first picture is of my room. Dont worry, there arnt that many mosquitos. The second picture is of the people who me and my compaion played basketball with. This last Sunday was great. It was fast sunday and I got the chance to bare my testimony. It was a great experience. The people love sharing their testimonys. But the only problem here is the singing. They cant really sing...but its all good because I cant sing. So my voice fades with the congregations. I love it here so much. I really dont want to leave. The food is good  and the place where we stay is great. On the fourth of july we did nothing here because we got our own independance here. There is pretty much no rules. The one thing that is sad is that the ground every where is the trash bin. I dont like throwing my trash on the ground, but there is no where else to put it. Besides that, it is still very beautiful here. Outside of the cities, there are big open fields that are very beautiful, sorry i dont have a picture with me right now. Well, thats about it. Africa is great, the people are great, and everything is great. I am feeling fantastic and I havent been sick.
Love - Elder Parham

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