Elder Brandon James Parham
Mozambique Maputo Mission
Rua Tenente General Oswaldo Tazama nr. 1429
Bairro Costa do sol, Maputo-Mozambique

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 1st 2013

Ola Family!

Well, I guess you all heard about my little adventure in London...I am all good now. The doctors still don't understand why I was shaking. They thought it was a diabetic problem or even a seizure, but it was nothing they knew about. I truly think the reason I did get sent to the hospital was because on the ride to the hospital via ambulance, I got to teach one of the paramedics a little about our church. She asked a couple of questions and I answered them to the best of my ability. I know there was a purpose to being sent to the hospital. I also got to share the gospel with my doctor. He had some questions.
 London was really crazy, there are a lot of people that are very impolite and most a lot of them are impatient, but there is still a lot of good people. Heathrow is a small suburb in London, but it is still very beautiful. My group all made it safely to Africa. The first few days were spent staying at the mission office just getting passport work done. For Saturday and Sunday, they sent me to Matola to do some practice. Africa is great! i love it so much. the people are so open and they want to learn. even if they are not that interested they will still take time to listen to what you have to tell them. my Portuguese is very bad and i am working hard to improve it. today i found out that my first place is going to be Manga. It is more northern Mozambique. I fly out soon after my email time. 
My companion I don't really know but he looks like a good missionary. I am excited to go to my first area and to finally start serving the people and sharing the gospel. There are a lot of cats, chickens, and roosters just out on the streets in matola. Its pretty crazy. I thought there would be a lot of mosquitoes here in Africa, but there are not that many. Everyone is so happy. 
The children always smile and say hi to the missionaries. The food here is really good. But you can't really buy the food off the streets. many people sell food on the streets and most of it is unsanitary, so we get food from shops. 
The language is crazy here. The main language is Portuguese, but in each area, they have are slightly different dialect. Its pretty crazy. For my practice lessons in Matola, I mainly bore my testimony. They speak so fast. Everything is great here. The people love being taught. I am excited to serve for two years! In my next email, I will send some pictures. I can only take pictures on p-days and today is my first p-day. So, pretty much no pictures. I miss all you all so much! Thank you all so much for your love and support. For those I didn't talk to: On my plane ride from Utah to Texas, I sat next to this woman that was born in India. She lived in Texas for the past eight years to get her masters in graphic design. She has been working with a company on some website designs. Anyways, I got to talk to her about religion. She wanted to know what language my name tag was in. I then explained that I am going on a mission for two years. We talked about the gospel and she also shared her beliefs as a Buddhist. I just shared with her my beliefs and my testimony and I got to know her. I left her my email and mormon.org/lds.org in case she had any questions. Hopefully she will learn more. I love the gospel so much and I cant wait to share it. I am excited to serve!

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